Laser Dance Diorama of a person playing the game within their living room.
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Turn your own living room into a laser obstacle course.

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What is Laser Dance?

Laser Dance is a Mixed Reality game for Meta Quest that turns your own living room into a laser obstacle course.
Players move between two buttons on opposite ends of their room, and dance, dodge, and crawl their way through laser patterns that adapt dynamically to their living room’s size and layout.

Is my space big enough to play?

Laser Dance is played between two virtual buttons placed on your real walls. As long as the shortest path between those two buttons is at least 3m (10ft), you’re good to go!
The maximum room size you’ll be able to play in is currently 10x10m (32x32ft).

Who is making Laser Dance?

Laser Dance is being made by Brussels based XR developer Thomas Van Bouwel, who previously released puzzle game Cubism on Meta Quest.

When can I try it?

Laser Dance is planned to launch in 2024, but if you have a Quest Pro or Quest 3 and want to get a sneak peak you can sign up here for playtesting!